Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good news, anyone?

It's been quite a week. You know the "good news minute" in Relief Society that it seems is done quite regularly? Well, I missed it today. Literally and figuratively. I'm feeling weighed down, because:

- I found out a friend's missionary son came home six months early from his mission. Not for health reasons. (I was thrilled, however, to see the love and warmth that he found at church. We have an awesome ward.)
- We had two babies born, both who ended up in the ICU. (I think they will be fine.)
- I spent RS talking to a friend who is on the brink of leaving her husband. Hard situation on many fronts. They have two small children.
- I met yet another woman who was deserted by her husband (of 20 years) for another woman, whom he then deserted months later. I can't comprehend the pain they must have experienced.
- A friend has decided to be done with the Church. If you wonder why I worry about too much intellectualizing about stuff related to our religion in ways that calls into the question the foundations of our faith, this is one reason why. I have walked with her through part of this journey, desperately hoping that she could see the light instead of the darkness of doubt, but to no avail. Dancing with doubt is dangerous business. It's devastating to me to see someone I care about so deeply walk away from Living Water and the Bread of Life.
- Our Sunday School lesson was one of those last-days-gloom-and-doom lessons. Of course, I know all the righteous-need-not-fear answers, but still sometimes the realization of our perilous times gets to me, ya know?
- On a personal note, I had a hard time not breaking down at the hospital when we visited one of the new moms. I am feeling old and tired and still not sure if having another child will be something we get to experience. While it doesn't stop my life, the pain of that potential end is ever-present -- made more so when I see a new little life.

I'm really fine, but it has been quite a heavy day. Thank heaven for the gospel which is my anchor, reminding me that there is hope in these last days, that trials can be overcome, and that nothing can go permanently wrong if we trust in and follow the Savior.



  1. M&M: My daughter just finished reading the entire "Book of Mormon Stories" all by herself. We took a special trip to Palmyra to celebrate, and tonight we are having a special FHE where we will begin studying our just-arrived-in-the-mail copy of "The Book of Mormon for LDS Families" (a "graduation" of sorts for my daughter).

  2. Sorry you have had such a tough week.

    I got the news of my parents getting their mission call last week, which just happened to be perfectly timed with a cross country vacation to their place.

    Anyway, hope things get better soon.

  3. Brian and Eric,
    Thanks for sharing your great news!

    I love the idea of a celebration for a goal like finishing scriptures! (You got my brain going on that one....)

    Where are your parents going, if I may ask? (If I shouldn't have, then just ignore me!) :)

  4. You don't read Small and Simple do you.... :)

    They are going to the Kenya, Nairobi, East Africa mission. A proselyting mission. This is neat because they served in the Peace Corps together after college in East Africa. At the time they were the only mormons in Africa as far as they knew.

  5. Sorry to be stupid, but what is the "good news minute"? I've never heard this.

  6. M&M, I have never commented here, rarely do anywhere, unless I'm just being surly that day. However, you post has me wanting to share our good news. Our Miracle.

    My oldest daughter was married two years ago. Since marriage, they have been trying to get pregnant. They were told seven months ago that they would not be having children. Disappointed they changed plans and decided to go through life appreciating the other children in our family and have none of their own. Well, long story short, after spending a weekend in the ER and then being scheduled for surgery the following Thursday (a week before their trip to Virginia to Utah for law school)... in the hospital Thursday morning were told the surgery, which must be done, could not be done at that time. Why not? Well, you're pregnant and we can't risk losing this baby at this time. Stunned and shocked, daughter then said, "it's my dad's fault, he's been praying we'd get pregnant. The Lord has answered his prayers."

    She'll deliver in March of next year.

  7. Eric,
    Sorry, that's a blog I need to read more often, obviously. :) (I have read it before, but just not recently.)

    I am trying to figure out if this is church-wide, but I know it happens in more than just my ward. During announcement time in RS, the sister conducting turns the time over to the sisters for any good news that week. It's an upbeat way to start the meeting. :)

    Wow. I love stories like that. Thank you so much for sharing. With God, nothing is impossible.

    Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your kind words.

  8. I'm so sorry you have had a rough time. You know how I have been lately so I can relate. As far as good news, I'm not sure where I'm at on that.
    I have sick little ones, my husband has had a serious reaction to wasp stings and I think I'm coming down with what my children have.

    On the other hand, I was able to take the sacrament sunday and give thanks for that opportunity. I was able to talk with my parents for a moment. I have been able to laugh with my little ones, and play some games with the older ones.

    As far as the end times go, I think all too often in those lessons we pay attention to the "terrible", not the great.

    So what are some of the great things we have to look forward to? The growth of the church throughout the world. I'm still looking for it to be taken to the Muslim nations before Israel. (Just my personal opinion) I think much of what is going on over there will be to open up those doors. The building of more temples and stakes. The building of New Jerusalem, and the return of the 10 tribes.
    Take care.

  9. Tigersue,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I hope you and your family all get feeling better soon!

  10. I wanted to share this good news in my life =)

    I met with a fabulous new friend earlier this month and we had a wonderfully uplifting conversation. I drove away knowing I'd made the best possible use of my time that afternoon.

    I hope this weekend is full of good news and renewal for you!

  11. Téa,
    Thanks for sharing! Those kinds of experiences are truly priceless. :)