Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

I'm not a superstitious person; nevertheless, I hesistated when we decided to induce on the 13th of October to get #3 here. (My body doesn't do labor well. My babies are big (two over nine pounds) and I'm not so big.) I felt horrible that every six years this precious person would have a birthday on Friday the 13th.

Well, fortunately, #3 didn't notice today. I think the birthday part of the day was a success.

However, it WAS a Friday the 13th for me. (Although, remember, I'm not superstitious.) But, what was up with today? :)

How was your Friday the 13th?

(And since I have had a bad day, please refrain from telling me I'm an awful mother for inducing or, worse, for inducing on the 13th of the month.) ;)


  1. Let's see...
    An enjoyable homeschool support group meeting this morning.
    A successful thrift store stop where I didn't lose any children, I found a pair of sandals for my husband's stake musical costume, a working lamp for my daughter's room, and everything was either $1 or 50% off.
    An impromptu dinner with two friends to celebrate a birthday tomorrow--she felt special and loved.
    Sorry, looks like mine wasn't a bad day =)

  2. My oldest turned 9 yesterday. She had a fabulous birthday and didn't mention the "Friday the 13th" at all, so I don't think anyone brought it up to her. I remember thinking about it when she was really little, but I don't actually notice "Friday the 13th"s in my everyday life, so I didn't notice that yesterday was a Fri. the 13th.

  3. I'd actually forgotten it was Friday the 13th until someone pointed it out to me. JKS, you have given me hope that maybe I haven't cursed my child. :)

  4. M&M, you have not cursed your child! Please! And just for an eternal perspective to it... dates are only important to us mortals...when it comes to geneology work. That's it. There is no BAD number or day or whatever. Only man invented that... certainly God didn't. So put that thought out of your head. As for inducing your child, if someone is going to pick on you for that, well then they would have to pick on me for inducing 3 of my 5 babies- and me a homebirthing, homeschooling, all natural mama! LOL And we won't even get into the reasons why I had to induce my babies. Life is too short for anyone to get their panties all in a bunch about that. So no worries! As for my Friday the 13th, my husband came home from work early and I went to a used book sale and got 2 grocery bags full of books for only $13! Then we bummed around the house and went to bed early. :]