Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Fire Within

I've been on a roller coaster the past while. Obviously. But I have to say that right now I feel on fire. Although physically I'm feeling half dead, spiritually I'm soaring. It's all in a quiet kind of a way. I'm not walking around with a constant burning in my bosom or anything like that. But I feel so grounded, so settled. I've always been a passionate gospel-loving, prophet-following person, but my testimony of the importance of all of this just keeps growing. There is so much safety and protection from clinging to the words of the prophets -- like I would if I were hanging over a cliff with only a thick root jetting out from the cliff's wall to hold on to. Experiences I have had, insights that have come, and the Spirit's confirming power just tighten my grip on that root, the rod, almost daily. I can't fathom life without this anchor, this compass, this Rock-solid guide in my life. My latest couple of pieces at A Prayer of Faith give a glimpe into more of my thoughts. I am reminded that the way is so easy. All we have to do is give heed to the word of God (represented by BOTH the iron rod and the Liahona -- there is no difference!) and we can be safely led to our land of promise - now and eternally.

That's all I have time for tonight, but I hope to pull together more thoughts on this soon.


  1. Spirituality ebbs and flows, but man I wlove it when it is full and deep, sheltering, comforting, setting all you think and feel to rights. It is what gets us through--in the good times as well as the bad.

  2. Yup. It's a reservoir -- on which I even had to draw the day after I wrote this!

  3. What Naiah said. The Word of God (from prophets, from scripture) really does provide an anchor to our souls and a foundation to build on--and help us weather the down times.

  4. I enjoyed your insights. I love the scriptures, and I have my favourite prophets. I have found one key to getting off that roller coaster a lot. That is walking and talking with Heavenly Father.
    This isn't as difficult as some people would think. You just have to believe you can. Then you talk to him and know that he is hearing. Soon you will realise that you are seeing his spirit walking with you. Your life will never be the same again. "We love him because he first loved us". You will come to KNOW just how much God loves us. More of that love will then be in you.
    I read some of the things you say in some blogs, and enjoy your ideas. You have a very sound women's style of viewpoint (that is a compliment). I found this from gospelcougar. Keep posting.

  5. Doug,
    Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify, the roller coaster wasn't as much as spiritual one as an emotional one. I had some serious self-reflection going on regarding my involvement in blogs, esp. those that want to call into question the things I hold dear. I was worn out and decided to pull back.

    Nevertheless, your advice is sound and good for me to hear. I can never tire of simple reminders of things to keep my spirit healthy. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your encouragement!

  6. Though I don't know that we would agree on every issue that concerns you, I do understand very much the feelings you share. I feel that way sitting in Sunday School lessons some times. Too often, unfortunately. I cringe inside hearing people talk of Heavenly Father as a mean ogre with a big stick. I want to rise up and defend him. But people are just new to the church often and need this kind of concept. And some just can't grasp the real God that Christ taught. And some just aren't there yet.
    I have only come to blogs recently, and find it good that at least I have some outlet. I still hold back somewhat, nevertheless. But it eases the frustration.

  7. To some extent I go on the hope that people coming to my blog which says, "deep doctrine", will be those who can handle new or opposing ideas. And I do like open discussion on things that concern me, and I feel should be considered.
    Things I may be stomped on for saying at church, I can say from a distance, in open discussion. At church I often find new ideas stiffled by fear of change and insecurity.

    Additionally the Holy Ghost has taught me many things and I'd like to talk about some of them, as they are so interesting. I have had this for decades, and now I can speak.