Monday, January 15, 2007

I have a dream...

(by JJ, my dear son)....

That all the wars will stop. I hope that there will be more peace. I also hope that everyone will be frends [sic]. I hope that all who are sick will get better. And all those who have trobles [sic] that they will be solved. And that everyone will be happy. :) [Smileyface in original.]

Perhaps yet another example of why we are told to be as a child....


  1. Ahhhh.

    Here is hoping that his dreams will come true!

  2. Yes, well, the millenium is coming soon.

  3. Eric...yeah, I know, sweet, huh?

    Doug, I hope there is more hope I can give my child than just the Millenium. :)

  4. i like that it is the same dream i have and i hope i see you soon from your friend duncan!

  5. m&m

    My statement was a bit tongue in cheek. Which, I suppose, you realised.

    But seriously, yes, it would be wonderful, wouldn't it. Even so many simple things would be so much easier, without sins. You wouldn't have to sign anything to prove who you are. No need to lock the house. No viruses on the internet (I don't think Norton would be too happy). No passwords to remember. This latter sometimes crosses my mind when I accidentally type a wrong letter in my password and have to go through the process of doing it again.

    At least you can give your son the truth that we can have peace inside by following Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, regardless of what everyone else is doing. That is the wonderful and positive message we do have.

  6. duncan,
    I will let John read your message and respond! Thanks for writing! :)

  7. Doug, yes, we do have that anchor to give us peace regardless of what is going on around us. What a blessing!