Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Forgiving My Husband and My Children

Saturday, my hubby and children were gone all day. And they had the One Harry Potter Book that we had agreed to limit ourselves to. Not really wanting to wait for them to get home, having recently had major headaches that make it harder to read, and feeling like pampering myself a little, I bought the CD version of the book at Costco (one of the last copies in the whole city, I dare say). I got a good four or five hours of housework done, cooked dinner for the family that ended up eating elsewhere (no, that's not what I need to forgive them for), and of course, was entranced by Book 7 as I have been with the entire series. (And if you haven't heard the narration by Jim Dale, you must find a copy just to hear how he does the different voices. Simply fabulous!)

Anyway, I found out that during the day, hubby asked his sister how the book ended. Realizing that he has his agency, but still incredulous, I made it clear in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that I wanted to know NOTHING about what happens. I made sure he told our son, who also wanted to know the ending. (C'mon, what's the point of reading if you know how it ends???) I thought I made it abundantly clear. (Incidentally, busy hubby claimed that since he knew, he felt no need to read the book. Famous last words. My non-night-person husband stayed up until 4:00 the other morning to finish it. :) )

Anyway, not that I'm surprised, but little ears and little mouths can not easily be stopped, and little minds have short memories, especially when it comes to having secret information that must carry with it a sense of power. When family got home Saturday, I doubt there was much after a brief greeting before my two youngest blurted out how the book ends! The next day, they added more that they learned as their brother had read and shared more.

Alas, my sense of forgiveness is tested to the limit!

(The CDs take longer than reading, so I'm still lagging behind most of you. Don't test my limits any more, please. DON'T TELL! :) :) )


  1. You MUST call me the moment that you're done!!!

  2. Even if it's at 2:00 a.m.? :)

  3. I always have to know the ending. If I don't know, I rush through the book, missing most of the details, just so I can know what happens next. If I know, I can sit back and enjoy the journey.

  4. My sister-in-law is the same way, SilverRain (that's how my hubby found out -- she peeked, he asked.)

    But the key is that you don't tell. Right? RIGHT? :)

  5. I can assure you at least it's not a Sopranos ending....

  6. I finished at least! I'm still reeling from it all....

  7. I have to say, I am prone to reading the end of a book first, Not this time. :)

    Still even if the end gets spoiled it is the getting there that is the story!

    I have to say I loved the book, I read it twice.