Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birth Control at School?

Wow. I am writing a lot this week.

This will be a short one...just a link to a news story that has me still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.


  1. Michelle,

    Yes I'm astounded too. Only 5 out of 135? There must be an awful lot not admitting it, or it is a strange area. Mind you I guess with you coming from SLC you may have real stats like that there.

  2. I agree with you, Doug. But my shock was less at the numbers and more at the idea that schools are providing birth control, basically condoning premarital sexual behavior. And it appears they are not necessarily giving parents all the info they should.

  3. p.s., Doug, you might be surprised at how the stats run even in Utah County, and among LDS youth. They are lower than national averages, but still disappointingly high.

  4. Michelle

    I totally agree with you, but unfortunately we live in the world. I know that many are astounded at me saying this but I firmly believe in the idea practiced by most civilizations that people should be prepared for and married at 13.

    Why? Because what is happening instead is that people are going through a try before you buy system that isn't working. Unwanted pregnancies leads to murder of babies in the womb. Diseases that cause death. And just plain ruined lives.

    I believe that Christ would have married at 13. That was common practice there at the time. The Egyptians married at that age. Many moslems get married at that age.

    Pygmies get married at 8 as did Australian Aborigines. I think that is a bit young personally. I know that is the age of accountability but I think 13 is into adulthood.

    We train our children to be children when they are really adults, and wonder why teenage years produce strange beings.

  5. Doug, although I can understand your thoughts, I am not sure I agree. We are where we are, and I think passing the test of respecting the law of chastity is a big part of our test in this time and period. Back in the Savior's time, people usually didn't live past their forties. We live in different days in almost every way, and I think there is purpose in it all.

    Not that I think cultures that still practice that are necessarily wrong, but I think it's a bit pointless to wish our culture was different. That will never happen, so we might as well do what we can within the system we have.

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