Sunday, January 27, 2008

Of One Heart and One Mind: The Power of a Prophet's Leadership and Spirit

It's been an interesting evening, getting the phone call about President Hinckley's passing, making phone calls to make sure loved ones knew, trying to get on and and not being able to get through (for the traffic, I imagine, as people wanted to check to see if it was really true, if he really had passed on).

Of course, checking the bloggernacle was part of that ritual. At first, there were no posts; I felt that desperate desire to send an instant message to every person who blogs so that everyone could know. But then, the word trickled in. And soon, the 'nacle was alive with posts and comments.

Reading through some of them has been a blessing as part of my reflection and mourning and desire to honor this great man of God. I know that he, in his typical self-deprecating manner, would want us to focus on the wonderful work he loved, and, of course, on the Savior, who is the True Head of the Church.

But it has been a moving experience to feel us all coming together in gratitude for the blessing of being led by such a man as Gordon B. Hinckley. As one commenter noted, we are all united tonight.

There is a poignant bittersweetness to it all. We all knew it would come, and it's sad to lose such a man on this side of the veil, but what a wonderful thing to consider the reunions on the other side of the veil. Thank you, all of you, for sharing your thoughts and feelings at this tender time.

Anyway, it has been wonderful to look at the headlines on the posts and to see so many simply paying tribute. It is a powerful and fitting tribute in my mind to President Hinckley, in a sphere that often thrives on lively discussion and frequent disagreement, to see how essentially everyone just stopped and, with one heart, reflected with love and gratitude on him and his life and this wonderful work.

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  1. I was lucky enough to have had a personal encounter with him as well as serve with his grandson on my mission. I have some experiences on my website: