Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whoa -- it's no wonder prophets talk about the importance of education

We live in a world that is mind-boggling. Check this out.


  1. yeah, and I think that was supposed to be "Sony" not "Sonny." But I didn't make the video, I just posted it. :)

    I also think about recent counsel from (e.g., Elder Ballard, Elder Perry and others) to help get positive info about the Church. I love the way the Church is riding the information wave so actively.

  2. Interesting. Makes me want to turn my computer off. :)

  3. The presentation asked "So what does it all mean?"

    I agree that it illustrates the importance of education.

    I also think that it illustrates the importance of acquiring problem-solving skills, razor-sharp prioritizing skill, plenty of love and kindness.. Anyone have anything to add?