Monday, June 1, 2009

GIVEAWAY! Integrated LDS News for iPhone and iPod Touch

My friend has a brand new product for sale in the iTunes store, and has given me a few freebies to give away. Soooooo...the first five commenters with valid email addresses will get this awesome new product (I will email you a redemption code that will enable you to access your free copy of this application). The quick summary from the info website says:

"LDS News is an RSS news reader supporting feeds from multiple sources plus provides easy access to the three Church YouTube Channels as well as integrated YouTube support for Home Page video releases."

The application enables you to choose from 17 different feeds (various news feeds, YouTube updates, daily gems....) The application caches the items you have chosen so they load quickly, and keeps track of what you have already read/watched. You can arrange selected services in the order you prefer. You can also easily email content to others.

More details -- including a list of the 17 feeds available, more screen shots, and the technical features of the application -- can be found here.

Ready, set, GO!


  1. Love church things on the iPhone! I want one! :-)

  2. Can I have one, please, please, please, please? I think it would be great for my iPhone. I already have the scriptures and iStake!

  3. Yah I love I phone applications! This looks awesome!!!

  4. Thanks. I'd love a copy.

  5. Wow, some people do look a gift horse in the mouth!