Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garage Sale = Miracles

It started off as a lousy day, really. I had a hard time falling asleep (above and beyond the usual -- I didn't drift off until the sun had awakened. Zonk.)

When I woke up a few hours later, I knew I couldn't help with the garage sale. I needed sleep...again above and beyond my usual needs; I was still dealing with the remnants of the icky sinus/bronchial infection I'd had. And so, for the second week in a row, I wasn't going to be there with my kids, helping with their fundraiser.

As usual, my husband was kind and supportive. "Don't you worry about it. You get back to sleep."

I woke up after the 2 p.m. finish time. I was curious to see how they did, so I went over to the neighbor's garage. (Oh, my neighbor. She's one of my living angels. Seriously. I'll need to write more about her sometime.)

My mind immediately started thinking about trying to sell some of the stuff on Craigslist or something. That futon would likely make someone happy -- I mean, it seemed to me to be a steal at $25.

And then I thought, "Hmmmmm. Maybe we could buy it." Wheels started turning.

Long story short, with the help of home teacher and a family friend, we miraculously got it down our bendy staircase. We put it in what had been a craft room for the kids and created a bedroom for #1. He is more than thrilled.

That means #2 and #3 also have their own bedrooms now, too.

(And so does dh. Due to my major sleeping and health issues and his major snoring issues, we don't sleep in the same space. Sad, but true. For the past several years, he's been sharing a room with #1. Now he's got his own space downstairs. He's by ds, so I can worry less. ds still has a parent close. And dh is pretty happy to have a place (old craft table now in the middle of the not-huge room) to spread out all his books. Which means they aren't on the kitchen table anymore. Ahem.) 

Anyway, I could never have imagined what this would do for our family and for my mothering, but I feel God knew. He knew what I needed and what they needed. (And He was so frugal about it, which makes me nearly giddy and, of course, deeply grateful.)

I feel He has helped compensate for things I cannot do very well as a mom, such as teaching them in focused ways how to clean and organize. I have felt much guilt about my weakness in this area, which is only compounded exponentially by the chronic illness issues which have plagued me for years. I can't fully capture here what it has felt like to watch my children suddenly have a stewardship, a place to order and organize and call their own, but it has been a spiritual thing to see something beyond myself happening. Divine intervention came in a wholly unexpected way, compensating for my mortal weakness in this role that matters so much (and where my weakness pains me so much).

Things just clicked. Without being able to anticipate this happening, each child now has a desk (I dare say homework has been more fun for them the past few days) and a CD player (one of those was also a garage sale find, one was a Christmas present from grandparents, one had already been in the girls' room). Should I confess that neither dh nor I knew that #1 loves classical music? He's been listening to it pretty much nonstop when in his room. He's never listened to it before. I have always hoped my children would resonate with uplifting music. Now they each have the means to do that in their own way, without having to answer to a sibling. (Having children so close together is such a blessing, but does have its challenges, and this has really helped with many of those. Just like that.)

Another tender mercy element of this that I'll capture here corresponds to recent inspiration (you know it's inspiration when it just works) to have #3 get herself to bed earlier than the other two (bedtime has been another challenge with three so close together). Now there is no need for #2 to tiptoe in or sleep on the floor in "the boys'" room.

And now, every night, my favorite ritual has even more meaning because it's truly one-on-one. I get to tuck them in and cuddle and chat in more personal ways, in their own little world. They are at an age where that personal space really means something, and being allowed in that space to help them end their day is sacred time to me.

As I stood in my kitchen eating a midnight snack tonite, I saw this on my pantry door, and it really says it all.

Believe it. Look for it. See it. And be amazed.

I sure am.


  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    Your mothering love shines brightly in your children's faces,Ive witnessed it personally each time I've been around your children. It is obvious what you are able to do is much more than sufficient. The Lord works with what we have, to bring his plan to fruition. When we have a humble heart and contrite spirit, no matter what our limitations, because of Him, we will succeeded. You are wonderful! Don't forget that.

  2. Okay, this time it was "isruf". Nuff said.

  3. The word verifier said "trialsi". I swear somebody lives in that little box--someone very witty.

  4. This is so inspiring! We have experienced many tender mercies that show us that the Lord is aware of our trials (and that, no, I'm not being a baby--this blessing really was a need!) and it means so much. I wish there was a way to get my three into their own rooms. The boys share and my youngest has NEVER EVER had a room of his own, just a place to sleep that always seems borrowed from a sibling.

  5. I know from personal experience how hard it is when you can't do everything you'd like to for you children due to chronic illness, but it's all the emotional stuff that matters most, and I suspect you do a wonderful job with that part of the stewardship.

    And your husband sounds like a great guy, who has your back!

    That's a blessing, along with the separate rooms for your kids and all the good things that go with them.


    PS. I love the "God is in the details" on your pantry door.

  6. thank you for sharing, with tears falling down my cheeks I can relate and feel your peace as you feel the grace which HF has sent your way. Bless you for being so close and allowing the hand of the Lord to fulfill your needs as well as your families needs. Love you. Auntie Chris
    Please purchase the book Body Ecology, Donna Gates - you can get it on Amazon for less than the going price. Amazing and way important for your health. I know you have done a lot towards health but in my journey I have found this to be very helpful.

  7. Aunts Sue and Chris and cousins -- thanks for your words of support and love. I'll take a look at that book, Aunt Chris.

    Heidi, I meant to include a disclaimer that I realize that each child having his/her own room is a bit of a luxury. I felt guilty about it until I realized what a tender mercy it really was. (But I still realize it's not a luxury everyone can have.)

    I'm also cracking up at the verification box combinations you got.

    To the Sues, for me it's sometimes hard to know if I really am doing enough (it's probably obvious that is something I struggle with), but knowing Heavenly Father has my back (which I realize through experiences like this) has brought me some peace. I know I need to trust Him more in all of this. It's one of the lessons I'm learning through my health challenges.

    Sarah, thanks for stopping by! Your post was excellent and such a great reminder for me.