Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pre-Op Prep

Yes. Surgery. It's in my future. On my anniversary, actually. ("Honey, how would you feel about having a date with me at the hospital?") He's such a good hubby; so grateful he's willing to help, as unromantic as this will be.

I'm having my tonsils removed. I know, I know, it's an awful surgery for adults. Let's instead be hopeful. At least maybe I won't get strep any more. And maybe it will actually help me feel better?

I've had five strep diagnoses this year. Two of them may have been sort of false positives, but still, that's a lot of strep for someone who has never had it. I've also had chronic tonsillitis, as I recently found out. So they are coming out.

And I'm actually a little excited. The last two months have been AW.FUL. So, like my ENT said, if there is even a 50% possibility that doing this could help me feel better, it might just be worth it.



Good answer.

And so, I'm stocking up on every form of liquid nourishment I can think of, and gratefully using my new BlendTec (birthday gift from the parents and from a year of 'no gifts from hubby to save up for it) to create different pureed foods. And I'm dreading being out of commission for two weeks, but I'm anxious to just get this over with.

I've discovered, however, that a lot of the eating experience is in the texture of foods.

Ah, well. Bring it on.

If you have any pureed nutrition ideas, bring them on!


  1. You're doing the right thing, and you're going to be really glad in the end.

    But it ain't gonna be fun for the first couple of days...

    (And it's not my idea of a good anniversary activity!)


  2. You're going to recover speedily and do awesome! I just know it. :)
    Hope you are enjoying your blendtec. My favorite smoothie right now is a couple ounces of yougurt, a litle milk, a cup or so of blueberries and a banana. Sweet, creamy and like dessert!

  3. My creme caramel - if I lived Stateside I would bring you over a couple! I posted the (very easy) recipe in my FB notes. And if you can make it a few days beforehand, it tastes (and feels) even better.

    Asian broth soups are also very good (even if you can't eat the vegies and meat). I hope it all goes well!

  4. Sue, thanks for the vote of confidence on the decision. We are feeling good about it, but sheesh, this waiting for a month thing is for the birds.

    Amanda, I'm LOVING the blender. I'll have to try your smoothie idea sometime!

    Selwyn, that sounds divine! Isn't it sort of like flan? Would take me back to the mission days....

    Thanks for your well wishes, friends. It really means a lot!

  5. When I was on a liquid diet at 16 due to jaw surgery, I subsisted largely on broths and Ensure-type drinks. I could never get myself to blenderize pizza ingredients or anything like that; the texture would have made me gag, I'm sure! Milk shakes with nutritional powders helped me to not lose too much weight.

    Good luck! I REALLY hope the surgery helps!