Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Innocence is Short-lived These Days

This was a poignant account from a mom about dealing with her children's questions and concerns (and her own concerns) when lesbians moved in next door. It's impossible to read this and not acknowledge that homosexuality can and does have an effect on children. At the very least, the story demonstrates the fact that innocence certainly doesn't have the life span that it used to, and that the ideological wars of adults often put children unwittingly in the crosshairs.

(Hat tip to Times and Seasons' sidebar for the link.)


  1. m&m

    I was somewhat shocked to be informed by several of my children that 8-year-olds were having sex at their school. And this wasn't just one or two. Lesbianism and Homosexuality were well known to them also. They came home with such questions at around six. I discussed it with them according to the depth that was needed for each individual to feel satisfied with the answer.

  2. Doug,


    Are you sure? If that's the case, you should really contact aurthorities or school officials.

  3. Proud Daughter of EveMarch 29, 2007 at 1:58 PM

    That is such a nice story to see, especially these days when there seems to be so much contention. Thanks for sharing it. :)

    I feel so sorry for the young girl. That must have been quite traumatic, losing her father and then being expected to accept such a drastic alteration of her family.

  4. john scherer

    I can understand your shock. But, yes, they were eight. That is the age of accountability. But it was quite a shock for me to realise it was that common.

    Pygmies get married at 8. Many Australian Aboriginal tribes began sex at 8.

    What do you feel school officials would have done? All they would give is an acknowledgement of the problem, and look for ways to move the blame off them.
    How can you tell children to stop doing what their parent/s are doing right in front of them? Sadly, in many of these homes the mother goes through boyfriends. And so the child gets to see Mom doing it with different guys from time to time. The consequences of sin aren't pretty (as the Book of Mormon demonstrates). At least if we are aware that is a start.