Sunday, February 8, 2009

Age test

Are you old enough to know why this is funny?

Random, I know, but once in a while, random is good, no?


  1. now I'll have that song in my head all day long. ;)

  2. Oh, I hope for her sake that his wife's name isn't Jenny!

    Thanks for the random giggle.

  3. Knowing this does NOT make one old.

  4. Since you ask, sorta, I confess, freely to being ooooold, and knowing the song legitimately from suffering from multiple exposures on the radio where I was not in position to wrest the dial away from whatever cretin/bus driver was in charge.

  5. Young enough not to care to much
    About the way things used to be.
    Young enough to remember the future
    The past has no claim on me.
    Old enough not to care to much
    About what you think of me.
    Young enough to remember the future
    The way things ought to be.

    Cut to the chase.

  6. Eric,
    Great poem.

    I actually am one who is happy to be as old as I am, looking forward to decades ahead. (I hear the 50s are great.)

    I also would not want to have to go back and learn the life lessons the past two decades have taught me.

    So, onward and forward.

    (Besides, isn't it great to be 'old enough' to have actually lived through and loved the 80s music?)

  7. I feel tremendously guilty. OK, I always feel tremendously guilty, but i really like talking to you, whether you think i'm the devil's minion, or what. YOu're really sharp and can seriously craft an argument. However, the chances for communication are few; your website consists of cheering fans (Awesome, I'd like some) whosd buzz I really don't want to harsh. Hence, my comments that you get to read, which I then delete so that others don't have to.

    That'ts my argment. Until that lobotomy..... mine, I mean.....

    Not to indicate that I'm not a horrible person (I might even own a cape and confess to more than several pairs of tights) but my reasons for my what may seem erratic behavior here are, in my own mind, however useless that is, rather more benign.

  8. And your 'you rock' comments make me smile. I say that all the time, girl!