Monday, February 16, 2009

Feel the Love

"Honey, it's almost time for us to do valentines. Can you take a minute to write something for the kids?"

It took an hour or two for my husband to process that, but obviously it hadn't fully processed, or I hadn't been clear enough. He approached me later.

"OK, where are the cards you wanted me to sign?"

I smiled.

"There are no cards. You get to provide them." With a slight hint of tease in my voice, I added, "I could give you some stamps to make some cards if you want." (There are times he would have done that, but time was of the essence here.)

We laughed as he teased me back and pretended to really want to do that.

"Where's some paper?"

Again, I smiled, since our house is swimming in paper products of all shapes, sizes, types, and colors. (My girls love crafts.)

"Kids, why don't you help your dad find some fun red or pink paper?" Since they had just gone hog-wild creating cards for the family, it would have been easy to find.

"That's ok, I have some here," he said.

I was the one teasing again as he walked to the table with spiral-bound, lined paper.

"How romantic!" (He'd already given me a rose, chocolate and a bookstore gift certificate (which equals true love in my book)), so I didn't expect anything. "Will you make me one, too?"

"Do you want wide- or college-ruled?"

(He has a sense of humor that always catches me off-guard. I gave a full belly laugh at that one.)

What he wrote on those silly lined pieces of paper made me cry.

And yes, he did write one for me, too.

It's the little things, ya know?


  1. what a great capture of a really fun interchange!! I could totally picture it happening. I work to capture my interchanges with my kids but haven't thought much about recording those with my hubby. i'll have to change that!!!

    ps...did you go with wide or college ruled??? :-)

  2. Wide ruled drives me nuts. I only buy college ruled. :)

  3. Love it! What a perspective, huh. Rather than try to change them so they'll do things the way we want them to, when they do it their way, it almost always turn out well. I love that your hubby's notes brought tears to your eyes. That means it was sincere and real.

  4. Your husband's sense of humor sounds so familiar! :] Is he my husband's twin separated at birth?
    I am glad you had a great Valentine's! He sounds like a keeper!

  5. I like this post. It made me smile.