Sunday, February 20, 2011

p.s. On beauty: To women -- Just say no!

I really appreciated the concrete tips that the women of the Beauty Redefined project give for how we can be more media literate, and essentially say NO to the lies that media often portray about women, worth, beauty, ideals, youth/aging, etc. etc. etc. They share strategies for both girls/women and for the boys/men who care about them (and/or care about these issues and being part of the solution rather than part of the problem). (Here's another interesting article I recently read about that, directed at men.)

But every time I drive by a billboard or see a magazine, I think WHY ARE WOMEN DOING THIS? (Yes. I know I'm shouting.) It's all too common, I think, to hear people blasting men only for the problems of the objectification of women in the media and in real life. And yes, that is happening. But good golly, what are WOMEN doing to contribute to this problem?

I loved this video from a woman in the music industry who has simply chosen to say no. She kind of just tells it like it is. Listen to "Puppets" by Finnish singer Jonna. I think it's not only women in the media industry who need to hear this. We ALL do. Are we letting ourselves be puppets? Are we letting culture define what is beautiful, what is acceptable, what is reasonable?

What helped Jonna change? She converted to Mormonism and caught the vision of the power of purity, virtue, and modesty. Awesome.

For more about Jonna's conversion to Mormonism, see this MormonTimes article. You can read more about her life, career, and beliefs in this Mormon Artist interview.

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