Friday, January 11, 2013

Book of Remembrance and Lego Robots

Tonight, the kids and I went through the book of remembrance that my mom put together of the early years of my life. Some of you may be old enough to remember the long size of papers that family history records used to be kept on. My book of remembrance is that long length, with yellowing rubber cement and old photo corners to boot. I may switch it over someday, but there is something rather endearing to me to have the record in the original book, with my mom's handwriting and all.

I'm grateful that my mom took the time to record some of the early milestones of my life and organized some photos from my childhood. I also have my baby blessing and confirmation blessings typed up (some of you are old enough to remember when it was ok to record such blessings). I also have school photos from elementary school, and a report card from the first grade. (My daughter got a kick out of the fact that it said "pupil" progress report, rather than "student."

The girls decided they wanted to do Lego Robots as well. I'd ordered some more blocks (we cheat and use an off-brand because I'm cheap) and so we dumped out all that we had and started at it.

I kept whispering, "The battery compartment is the most important part" to the point that it became a joke. But it is, you see. I couldn't remember exactly how my sister and I would make our robots, but I do remember the battery compartment, and the box we made for extra batteries.

It took longer than I thought it would to try to recreate my Lego robot. I couldn't remember what I had done for the face (all I could really remember was how important the battery compartment was!). My girls made their own adaptations: extra fuel chambers in the arms and an attachable battery box and remote control on one, and buttons (one for flying and one that will make it burst into flames) and voice activation sensors on the other. (We are still not sure why one of the buttons would allow the robot to burst into flames, but there you go.) Apparently, the battery box on #2's project will have a hinged lid. Bedtime is seriously being threatened however, so we will see if she actually is able to finish all of her advanced adaptations.

I had considered also playing some of the 80s music that I used to listen to all the time, but tonight, it was Jericho Road, one of the girls' favorite new CDs.

Pictures to come....


  1. Sounds like some good family time. I have a Book of Remembrance myself, similar to yours. Makes me want to go get it down and thumb through the thing...


  2. What a fun activities with your girls. I really think it is important to share our lives with our children more. We get too busy and sometimes I children don't really know who we really are, what we were like as a child and etc. I loved that you are doing this. I had to wait to know things about my mother from her life history she had completed a few months before she passed away. I learned so many things about her then that I didn't know. It was kind of sad in a way. The Robot activity sounded like a good one too. Keep on enjoying those precious moments with your children; time does go by fast.