Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book review: Premonition by Luisa Perkins

Deseret Book sent me two books on this last go-around -- one was The Continuous Conversion, which I reviewed in my last post. The other was a book called The Book of Jer3miah:Premonition by Luisa M. Perkins

My 14-year-old was the one who agreed to read and review this book. As is his modus operandi, he devoured the book in a matter of a few hours. This is his honest review. It contains spoiler alerts, so you've been warned. 
- - - - -

I was asked by Deseret Book to review this book to get a different perspective and at my moms urging. I am quite torn with this book. The character development, the plot, the dialogue, everything was great. But after awhile a few things about it started to bother me. Throughout the book, the main character Jeremiah receives a lot of promptings. Often these promptings are in the form of words which was a little disconcerting because I know first hand the majority of promptings are not that way. 
Another thing was that it threw around many different and sacred truths that really probably shouldn’t be shared. These are not secret but sacred and I think that it toed the line. The best example of this is towards the end of the book, Jeremiah found out he is the son of one of the Three Nephites. My first thought was: Really? In my opinion, that was unnecessary and just not very tactful. I thought that they also put the Mormon references on a little too thick. Things like Relief Society, FHE, and Ward Prayer. Not that they are bad, but it is a little blatant for me. 

The final thing that was hard to accept was the extreme that these promptings took. At one point, Jeremiah is prompted to kill an assassin. He does, but with large reservations. While that did happen in the Book of Mormon, having it be part of our lives is a little much for me.

This would have been a book that I had nothing but praise for if it just didn’t have the sacred references and other things. If that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, read it and thoroughly enjoy it. But if blatant Mormon terms are something that you are not prepared for, please don’t read this book. Choose what you all will but I will not be reading this again or the second if it comes out.

-A fourteen year old


  1. Nothing like good, honest review. He did a great job!


  2. I think it was awesome that your son read and gave such an upfront review. He did a great job and I can tell he is a great young man.

  3. I love that you had your son do the review. It is a wonderful well thought out review. I am upset to see that the book isn’t all that we would expect. I am like your son I don’t like some of the sacred truths being thrown around in books.

    PhD by Publication