Monday, January 27, 2014

A letter to my local legislators -- protecting marriage, protecting the voice of the people, protecting children from porn

It's the season of the legislative session in my state, and I wanted to voice a couple of things to my representatives. So I did. And I figure it's good to share my thoughts publicly, as well. I encourage you to take a minute to share what you would like your legislators to be focusing on in your state.

Here is the message I sent to the senator and house representative in my area.

"Good luck with the next couple of weeks, and thanks for all you do for the people of Utah and for our local community. 

"I know plenty of voices are going to be clamoring for your attention. I just wanted to add my voice in support of challenging Judge Shelby's action to overturn Amendment 3. I'm concerned about what has happened not only for the protection of marriage, but for the protection of the voice of the people.

"I also hear that there is a bill on the table from Senator Todd Weiler taking some steps to protect some children from pornography. [Last session a resolution was passed that recognized the detrimental physiological effects of pornography on the developing mind.] This is a topic I hope will continue to get more attention. I believe Utah could lead the way in our nation with creative, deliberate efforts to make the protection of children a collaborative priority of the public and private sectors. After the dust settles with this session, I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you more about what the non-profit I am now working for is doing to facilitate and encourage [this and other kinds of] collaboration."

(p.s. What is my new job, you may ask? Or maybe you won't because you already know. But if you are stumbling on my blog for the first time, I work for Women for Decency. We are focused on bringing organizations and individuals together in collaborative, collective-impact efforts to help prepare and protect children against pornography.


  1. Michelle, you are such a force for good. I admire all that you do. When I look at the world my grandchildren are being raised in; my heart hurts for them. So Ironic that Utah would be in the position that it is in trying to defend traditional marriage. Satan certainly knows how to work his evil. I of course, pray that we will win this war and in time we will.
    Keep up the good works and blessings to you for all you do!

  2. I agree with LeAnn. While the rest of us think about helping, you just get out there and organize that help! I hope you and others like you can wield some influence in Utah. California could use a good example!